Pre & Post Marriage Counseling

Pre & Post Marriage Counseling

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At Reconcile LA, we have a high value of marriage. Our value of marriage does not in any way diminish the wonderful call to singleness that God has for some of His people. Because marriage is one of the most complex relationships you will ever enter into, we're utilizing the world's most practical, comprehensive, 360 degree diagnostic tool ever created for those preparing for passionate, strong, lifelong love. Here are a few things you will discover about yourself and your significant other:

  • Your Money Methods
  • Your Fight Types
  • Your Love Life
  • Your Personalities
  • Your Talk Styles
  • Your Deepest Longing

Post-Marriage, Remarriage & Blended Families

What if you're married already and your marriage needs a tune up. Or, if you're experiencing low levels of satisfaction in your marriage, or you've contemplated divorce — SYMBIS+ can help. SYMBIS+ is the standard assessment enhanced to provide perspective in order to enrichment marriages. What about remarriage and blended family contexts? SYMBIS+ optimizes to address the critical issues that have to be navigated to ensure that your marriage thrives.

Invest in saving your marriage before or after it starts. If you're ready to begin the journey, email us at