What We're About

Our Vision Framework


A standard picture frame has four sides. Once the frame is in place, then the beauty and esthetics of the picture can emerge. The same is true for Reconcile LA. First, consider the four components that comprise the framework of our church: Mandate, Motives, Map, and Mark. Finally, we will reveal the Vision.

Our Mandate


What is our missional MANDATE, our guiding north star?
Our mission is to RECONCILE Angelinos to God, NURTURE them in discipleship to Jesus Christ, and MOBILIZE them for ministry and missions in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Motives


What are the values that light a fire in our church? What are the MOTIVES, convictions that will influence decision-making and inspire daily actions? 
We have seven core values: Gospel, Gather, Give, Grow, Go, Glocal, and Glory.

Our Map


Is there a clear strategy to accomplish the mission? What MAP will we follow?
Our five-fold strategy is: Weekly worship services, Life & Affinity Groups, Discipleship modules, Kids ministry, and Outreach.

Our Mark


When will we know we've hit the MARK or target of success? What does a win look like?
We're aiming at only one bullseye: making disciples and planting churches.

With the missional framework in place, the Vision of RLA becomes visible.

Our Vision


The Vision answers the "where" question. Where is God is taking RLA? What is our preferred future?
Vision 195: We envision a world where there is one Reconcile disciple-making, church planting church in the 195 countries that comprise the United Nations.

(Vision Framework concept courtesy of Will Mancini's Church Unique: A Visual Summary)